From biogas engines and CHP


Plant with steam turbine for electricity generation, from engine exhaust gases

from biogas engines or CHP plants.


Steam turbine and exhaust gas boiler for electricity generation with exhaust gases from combustion engines,

as well as hot exhaust gases from 200 °C (industry).


CHP power classes from 100 kW to 2 MW.


Also for biogas plants with biogas engines from 100 kW to 2 MW.


Internal efficiency of approx. 60 %.


Turbine speed <8,000 revolutions per minute.


This guarantees the safe and reliable, long-term operation and service life of the turbine(s).


High efficiency and yet still cheaper than conventional turbines.

Made in Germany.


The steam condenses (downstream of the turbine) with a temperature of 100 °C.


This means that the waste heat (after the turbine) can be put to further use.


Our turbine can also be used to supply district heating.


From € 60,000 net (including delivery, installation & commissioning).


Service + maintenance costs p.a. <5%!


For further information, simply submit a request and our turbine specialists will be in touch with you.

Turbine ZSB Bild 1 001 

*We reserve the right to make changes in the course of technical development*