Flexitank Container


We offer:

  • Container Logistics - tank container leasing
  • Production and conversion of special containers
  • Maritime Industry: Automotive Car Logistics

Specializing in:

  • Tanks, tank equipment and construction
  • Bioenergy and Agriculture
  • Tank / Container Storage
  • Handling and Storage Containers
  • Biogas plants Container / PABX
  • upon request with remote monitoring system for smartphone, PC, e.g.


The storage containers are documented for the storage of water-polluting liquids: under the conditions described.

The containers are prepared and equipped, with liquid-tight security measures that prevent leakage of the stored liquid into the soil or water.

FLTC is an inexpensive alternative to tank containers, liquid bearings and fluids.

Transportation of up to 50,000 liters in 40 ft. Storage containers,can be accomplished easily with this specially designed container type.

The FLTC is a flexible operating tank container.

The storage area is double-walled.

The liquid container is a flexible, smooth, collapsible and lightweight.

These containers are the next generation for the storage and transport of large amounts of fluids.

The FLTC has been tested under severe conditions, with the main focus on the storage of water-polluting liquids.

Through intensive design work, we have succeeded in developing the Flexi tank container.

This is a storage tank with a capacity of 50,000 liters: depending on the density of the liquid.

In 2007 we developed a heated series of tanks (FLTCB).

These can be deployed in different in frost-prone sites and for liquid storage such as (CHP fuel depot) or spill recovery fluids in extreme cold.



*We reserve the right to make changes in the course of technical development*