Combined heat and power plant 


We are the distributors for the newest and the most innovative products. 

The proof is in the reported fuel consumption of our CHP Plants "Made in Germany"!

With our strong partners, we are unbeatable on the CHP plant market.

In the areas of fuel, electricity and heat production, we are working with the technologies of the future!

We are producing, projecting, consulting, delivering and trading with co-generators (chp) and generators for different applications (for e.g. emergency power supply, peak load supply, isolated application / island-solution). 

We are offering you systems for being feeded with diesel / heatingoil, biodiesel, native vegetable oil, naturalgas, lpg-gas, biogas, dump gas and sewage gas as well as other fuels.

Furthermore we can deliver you biomass-boilers (automatic or in batch feeded) for wood, woodchips, sawdust, bark and straw as far as culm (for e.g. hay).

In both sectors we are able to offer you new as well as used equipment offered for prices in line with the market. The used equipment are offered in the status as it is or reconditioned. 

We also offer improvements / optimisations for existing energy systems -  e.g. for saving energy, reducing wearout etc...

We´ll consult you individual and demand-oriented. We´ll find an solution for you, which fits to you.


Today reliably predicting electricity generation costs is impossible due to constantly rising fuel prices.

The fuel prices are unpredictable due to speculation and global conflict.

We are offering you a chance to use locally produced sources of energy from renewable/recycled products that are environmentally safe.

Our systems not only work, they are independent of the global market and your use of them is worthy of advertising the fact.

With our systems, your annual costs of production can be reliably estimated well into the future.

These fuels are both non-renewable and renewable/recycled, such as vegetable oil, bio-diesel or bio-gas.

The investment in a combined heat and power plant is aimed at offsetting the costs of fuel by selling the excess electricity to the local grid and the difference in the costs of self-generating your own electricity below the current costs of buying it off the grid.

A combined heat & power plant (CHP plant) is a modular system for generating electrical energy and heat.

The economic and ecological idea of the heat-run generator is that the heat is generated as completely as possible using the current site.

Unused electricity is fed into the grid and the power company buys it from you.

Working with us is a responsible approach to producing power and reducing the greenhouse effect.

The use of this technology is often well reported in the local and international press.

Our group is working with the latest technologies: the technology of the future.


*We reserve the right to make changes in the course of technical development*

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